Reasons to live at Endcliffe for the first year

The Endcliffe Student Village is one of the three accommodations offered by the University and it is the most popular option among first year undergraduates.

There’s really only one drawback staying at Endcliffe, and personally I refer it as “The Walk to Campus”. Many times when I was walking to the campus via Fulwood Road, I can’t help but to think: “Is this road ever going to end?”.

Indeed, when the weather is bad and/or when you are running late to your 9am lecture, walking (or running) down a seemingly endless road sounds like the last thing you would want to do. The same applies to the walk back, especially after an exhaustive day and the idea of rolling down the hill straight into my room sounds very, very appealing at that moment.

But do not let “the walk” put you off the idea of living at Endcliffe during your first  year! Months of living at Endcliffe has allowed me to discover the many advantages of living here, and after months of walking, the walk doesn’t seem so bad after all!

Benefits of living at Endcliffe:

  • Daily dose of physical exercise

Naturally, body stamina will increase after months of daily walking and you also gain nicer leg muscles! Also, sometimes it is challenging to balance between studies and health and various aspects of life. Having to walk to and from campus everyday (about 6km) ensures that you achieve the minimal amount of daily exercise, keeping you fit as you focus on working on your studies/ societies/ personal life.

Staying at the University Accommodation also entitles its residents to enjoy free social sports, with most of them are held weekly at the Goodwin Sports Center and Stephenson Hall. The one which I find is the most interesting and challenging is Bouldering. More details on Residence Life sports and on how to book a slot can be found on the Sport Sheffield website.


My first attempt at bouldering!

  • Residence Life activities 

At the heart of the student village is the Edge, where most of the social activities are held. These activities, such as the Bingo Night and Magic Movie Monday provide the platforms to bond with your flatmates, and to make new friends! Amazing prizes can also be won in some of these activities. I remembered when my flatmates and I went for the Bingo Night for the first time, we won a huge plate of Nachos! Although we are not so lucky ever since, we still had fun talking and enjoying each others’ company over a few pints of beer.


My flatmates and I carved these together during the Residence Life Halloween Pumpkin Carving Event.

  • Atmosphere

Living at a considerable distance away from campus and city center has its perks. Endcliffe provides its student residents a quiet and peaceful environment, with a lot of green!


The sunset view on the way back home.

  • Organisational Skills 

A walk from Endcliffe to campus takes about 20 minutes.

Imagine a scenario where you are required to obtain a book from the library as it is part of your seminar reading tomorrow, but only to remember about it when you reach your room. It would be too tedious to purposely walk all the way back to the library just to borrow the book, but not doing so would mean you will be left unprepared for the seminar. You are left with a dilemma, caused by your carelessness and by the distance between home and university.

We can’t change the fact that Endcliffe is not located 5 minutes walk away from the campus. But we can change our attitude and lifestyle around it. Make a daily planner to remind yourself of what to do and what to get from the campus (or city centre, for example, groceries). Make sure all these are achieved before you embark on your journey home. Doing this will save you multiple trips (and time!) between these two places. At the same time, you will learn to be more organised and gain the skills to plan ahead. These are essential, transferable skills which will be very useful during working life and also life in general.


A collaboration between me and my Malaysian flatmate where we cooked chicken rice for our other flatmates.

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