The student employee of the year awards

As a student with a part time job, I thought I’d write a post about something that not enough students know about – The Student Employee of the Year Awards. I’ve worked all sorts of jobs in my three years at here at university, from representing Virgin Media as a brand ambassador to waitressing to being a student caller from the Alumni Fund. There are so many great things about having a part time job, especially if like me your course isn’t too contact heavy (I do English Literature).

One of the best things I’ve gained from working part time is a huge boost for my CV. The fact I’ve worked a range of roles means that I have transferable skills and experiences. Additionally, I think it is a big tick for employers to see that you’ve actually taken the initiative to do something alongside your degree especially ones with so little contact time. Another benefit is confidence and communication – I have learnt how to speak effectively to a wide variety of people out of the student bubble. It’s great to feel comfortable in a professional environment as at first it can be slightly daunting. Also there is nothing better than being told you’ve done a good job when you’ve worked really hard, this is what gives you a real confidence boost and assurance in your abilities.

So, already I feel like I have got so much out of having a part time role and my latest is working for the Careers Service. They have told me about a great opportunity for students who have worked part-time called the Student Employee of the Year Awards. This is a national competition and there is a range of prizes if you win, ranging from a cash prize, to entry on to the SEOTY winners emerging talent programme. A University of Sheffield student actually won it in 2014. Lewis worked part time as an Alumni Fund student caller and upon receiving the award he said

“‘Winning a national competition is a huge honour, and a massive surprise; I’m extremely grateful to my colleagues at the Alumni Fund for nominating me.

All in all, my part-time job was an overwhelmingly positive experience from which I learned a great deal. To be the winner of this award is icing on the cake- I can include this on my CV to showcase my work, this is definitely something I hope to build on throughout my career.”

I will definitely be entering this year as, although I have loved my various part-time jobs at university, I have worked hard at them and it would be great to get recognition for it as well as the fact it will look fab on my CV.

P.S If you’re a student who works part time and would like the chance to be nominated, simply pop your employer’s details in here.

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