My interactive culinary Eeperience

During my first three years of studying at the University of Sheffield, I never once thought to take advantage of the Give it a Go programme. This year was no exception, until one day something caught my attention as I was bored and scrolling through one of the ‘SU Highlights’ emails.

It was called ‘Interactive Culinary Experience’ and the description told me that the group would be focusing on molecular gastronomy that particular week. I had no idea what the hell molecular gastronomy was and was intrigued to find out, but the fact that it was taking place on a Tuesday evening meant that I was unable to go. Despite this, I knew that my flatmate (who is hoping to get a job in the food industry when we graduate) would be interested and so I showed her the email.

She bought herself a ticket and on Tuesday night came home and raved about her evening. The group, which was made up of about six to eight people, were shown how to use chemicals to make things such as fudge from white chocolate, mozzarella bubbles, and apple noodles. The list went on and I started to feel jealous that I hadn’t been able to go.

But she had more exciting news – although the following week’s session had already sold out, tickets were still available at the box office for the week after that, which was going to take place on a Wednesday. This meant not only could she go to another one, but I could go with her this time!

A fortnight later, we went up to Level 5 of the Students’ Union building, where the session – which was Easter themed – was being held in Inox Dine. Over the next hour and a half, we were taught how to make and pipe hot cross buns and then how to make hollow chocolate egg halves which we filled, fused together and decorated. The chef gave us copies of the recipes we had used and gave us some tips as we went along, as well as answering any of our questions. The hours absolutely flew by and before I knew it, we were wrapping up our eggs and hot cross buns (and some extra dough we had been given to try and make some more at home) and it was time to go!


If it’s something you have the time and money to do (tickets cost around £8 from the SU box office), I would really recommend it. You don’t have to have any knowledge of cooking and to make things even better get to taste everything that you make (pretty much my reason for going in the first place)!

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