Top ten days/afternoons out in Sheffield

Hello! I am now into my last term as a student in Sheffield (believe me this has come around so quickly, so to you 1st and 2nd years, be sure to enjoy all the time you have!) and so I thought I would share with you my top ten days/afternoons out in and around Sheffield! None of these places require a car to get to,  and suit different budgets so there’s something for everyone.

  1. Take a trip into the Peak District

Of course I had to start with this one. With the rolling hills of the Peak District less than 20 minutes away, there really is no excuse to not take a visit. Whether you get a bus out from Hunter’s Bar, or take the train to Hope Valley, there’s a range of ways to get there, and a range of places to visit! It is such a beautiful place, that there are many places that I have returned to time and time again. Why not take a trip as a flat/house and go for a walk which finishes back at the pub with some food?

  1. Play mini golf at Paradise Island

Who doesn’t love mini golf? Take the tram on the yellow route to Valley Centertainment, and spend the afternoon playing a classic game. There are two 18 hole courses, and with student rates it’s a relatively cheap and fun afternoon out on a rainy day. I can recommend this as I spent the afternoon of my 21st birthday here!

  1. Take a walk around the Botanical Gardens

In my first year I lived in Ranmoor, and would walk down to the Tesco metro on Ecclesall Road, and one of the things that I loved about this was being able to walk through the Botanical Gardens. I found that this was a great place to take a picnic to, or to take some revision along and sit in the sunshine. Be wary though – the squirrels are very tame and aren’t afraid to come near you!

  1. Crookes Valley and Weston Park

As I now live up in Crookes, the Botanical Gardens are a bit of a trek, but I love being able to go to Crookes Valley park via the back of the gym, and then to go into Weston Park. Weston Park boasts the museum, which is completely free to get into, and there are a lot of interesting exhibitions to have a look at, which lead to an enjoyable afternoon.

  1. ‘Give it a Go’ trips

Before having a car in Sheffield, I would always check out the give it a go booklet to see which day trips they were holding. In my first year I went to the Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath, and for the last two years I have gone to Chatsworth at Christmas. If you want to take a trip to somewhere that’s a bit tricky to get to without a car, or to see what places are nearby to Sheffield, I would definitely recommend having a look at the Give it a Go booklet to see which days trips are on offer!

  1. Cities close to Sheffield

The great thing about Sheffield is that it is easy to get to surrounding cities via the train. Whether this be to Leeds, Manchester, York or even farther afield to Liverpool, there are a lot of cities to explore which are easy enough to get to and from in the day!

  1. See a show at the Lyceum Theatre or the Crucible

The Lyceum and the Crucible are really easy to get to, and as a student you can take advantage of their ‘live for 5’ scheme. This scheme is for 16-25 year olds, and is free to sign up to and gets you two tickets for £5 each to certain shows! This is great as a lot of shows are £20+ each, and there is such a variety on offer. Either pop into the Crucible box office, or visit the website to see what’s currently on offer.

  1. Sheffield Winter Gardens with the Millennium Gallery

The Winter Gardens is a lovely place to go to in the city centre, and adjoining this is the Millennium Gallery. Both of these either on their own or together make for a fun and interesting afternoon out! There are a lot of restaurants near by, so why not go out for a meal afterwards too?

  1. Meadowhall

I’ve found that people either love or hate Meadowhall. Now, the good thing about being a student is that you don’t have to go on the weekends, so going mid-week means that it is a lot less busy. I like to go every 3 or 4 months for a day out, and really make a day of it by going out for lunch to one of the many restaurants available.

  1. Have a wander round and see what gems you can discover

I know this isn’t a specific ‘you should go here’ place, but a lot of the time I’ve found places to go by accident! Either a friend has taken me somewhere that I haven’t been to before, or I walk a different way than I usually would and stumble across a new favourite. There are so many places to explore within Sheffield, so why not go out and a find a new one yourself?

If there is any place that you would add to my list, please do let me know! I’m staying in Sheffield for the foreseeable future, and always love going to visit new places. If you discover some new gems on your wanderings of Sheffield, or have found some already, please share them with me and everyone else reading in the comments!

Jess xx

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