Get Involved! The Sheffield Graduate Award

I was very relieved this week to find out that I had passed my Sheffield Graduate Award, which I will be awarded in my graduation ceremony, after doing many extracurricular activities outside of my degree during my three years at university! I would encourage anyone in first or second year of university to sign up to the award!

The award is a ‘degree plus’ programme, which recognises extra-curricular activities outside of your degree. The award shows a commitment to improving skills, leadership, and personal development. These are all qualities employers love, so unsurprisingly, graduates with this award are highly sought after in the job market!

What counts towards the award?

The award recognises extra-curricular activities in four out of the six categories of your choosing:

  1. Enterprise
  2. Student jobs and work experience
  3. Volunteering
  4. Cultural and Social
  5. Global experiences
  6. The university and its community

These activities cover a broad range of  areas, so there is a whole range of activities that can count towards the award, allowing you to explore whatever areas you’re interested in. Signing up to the programme may also encourage you to challenge yourself through trying out something new, and meeting new friends and gaining new experiences outside of your comfort zone. Who knows, you may end up being led down a different career path!

Here is what I did to count towards my Sheffield Graduate Award…

  • I secured an internship as a transport planner over summer 2015. I developed many job-specific skills, and gained a job offer as a result of it!
  • I volunteered as a classroom tutor through the university volunteering office. It was fun to help the children and teachers, and a great experience overall.
  • For the enterprise section, I attended sessions at the 301 centre, and completed their ‘301 academic skills certificate’. Skills I learnt have helped towards my degree, and looks fantastic on my CV.
  • After finding my mentor really useful to help me settle in when I started university, I became a mentor for new students, this was also a good way of getting to know people from other years!

Signing up encourages you to make the most of your time at university, and allows you to stand out from others when competing in the job market!

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