Sunny days and library spaces

So you’ve just had your morning lecture, you’re feeling motivated (hopefully) and ready to continue your day at the library.  You grab a John’s Van butty because lately these are the only highlights of the week (oh third year).  Upon arriving at The Diamond, you’ve got in your head the perfect spot to do work.  You wonder up to your desired booth only to find it’s a full house.  I think this needs to be addressed.  A traffic light system above it that goes red when it’s occupied to save us all from the let-down and the stares from the people sat in them (they must have been there from 7am).

You’ve scoured all the floors in The Diamond and you’re fighting the urge to just give up but you know you’ll just end up sitting outside in the sun because for once it’s actually a warm spring day in Sheffield.  All is not lost though right?  I mean there’s still the IC to check out!

2016-04-28 14.51.35

What is that warm shiny thing in the sky?

Update: We’re a week down the line and it’s been snowing and cold like we’re in the middle of winter.  This blog is only just being released now because I chose the warm spring day over productivity but I’m glad I did because it involved lying down in Weston Park, having an ice cream and catching up with a good friend.  This also featured a lot of moaning about all the work we have to do whilst simultaneously pushing it to the back of our minds whilst we soak up the sun. Does it count that I even got a bit of Wi-Fi in the park and wrote a bit of this blog?

2016-04-28 14.50.08

To be fair, I’m glad I didn’t pass up that time in the sun, I mean who knows, that could have been the last of it! We weren’t the only ones in the park though, it was pretty packed out with other students as well.  It’s always a comfort when other people are in the same boat as you but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of a time out. However, it’s raining right now so I have absolutely no chance of sitting out in Weston Park so there goes that distraction! I like to think the lack of library spaces was a sign that I needed a break. Wishful thinking perhaps but it was definitely a moment I wanted to savour, I’m in my final year and my last assignment is 27th May so time is slipping away pretty quickly. Soon I won’t be an undergrad student anymore living a different life in a different city. These three years have flown by but it’s still the weirdest thought that I won’t be coming back after the summer. As cringe worthy as it sounds, a new chapter is coming up and I suppose it’s quite nerve wracking not knowing what it entails. If anyone has a crystal ball lying around could you throw it my way? I’d be so grateful!

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