Why Varsity is my favourite thing about Sheffield

It is two weeks to the day that the University of Sheffield retained Varsity for the fourth year in succession after beating arch-rivals Sheffield Hallam University 42-35.

With weeks to go until my undergraduate degree is completed, I was thinking about what has defined my time at University, and the answer is Varsity!

As Sports Editor of the University of Sheffield student newspaper Forge Press, I was given a sneak peek behind the scenes at how the event is organised, managed and ran!

The amount of effort put in by both universities sports officers, the sporting staff, the sport captains, Sheffield City Council is incredible. This level of dedication filters through from the top level of Sport Sheffield, all the way to the fans, and its one of the things that makes Sheffield Varsity one of the best in the country.

The reason I think Varsity is my favourite thing about Sheffield is because of the passion it brings out in fans and competitors. Whether or not Sheffield was your first choice, Varsity makes everyone proud to a student studying at Sheffield and proud to be living in Sheffield.

Furthermore, one of the most intriguing things about Varsity is the attention former alumni pay to it. On the Forge Press twitter feed, we had multiple former students tweeting in asking what the scores were, how many points we need to win, where can they watch highlights.

Varsity makes everyone proud to don the black and gold colours, and as my time in Sheffield comes to an end, that is exactly how I feel.

I may not have enjoyed university as much as I would have liked, I may not have made as many friends or had as many social experiences as I would have hoped, but at the end of the day, I am proud that I attended the University of Sheffield and for that reason, Varsity is one of the things that I have enjoyed most about my time at University.


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