Tips for healthy eating during exam season

So many students eating habits go out the window when it comes to exams and deadline season, but cooking is a great way to have a break from studies. I was an awful cook before I came to university, but now I absolutely love making food. Having something tasty to look forward to for lunch can get you through a stressful day!

Make your own lunch

It’s easy to make your own lunches, and many recipes can be made in bulk to last you through the week.  Here are 3 things that I love to make for my lunches:

  1. Tuna Mayo Pasta – pasta goes with almost anything, I use any veg I have around the house such as peas and sweetcorn, sometimes even frozen mixed veg! Tuna is full of protein, which fills you up and makes you less likely to grab a bag of those Sainsbury’s cookies during the afternoon!
  1. Turkey wraps – This is an incredibly tasty lunch! Fry minced turkey and a chopped red onion, and then add chickpeas, butter beans and kidney beans (or any kind of beans you like). It’s the spices that make this taste amazing – I like to add paprika, turmeric and cayenne chilli!
  1. Fried veg pitta – One of my friends who is a vegetarian introduced me to this tasty recipe. Fry veg in some oil and paprika, my favourites are mushrooms, pepper, spinach and courgette, but anything goes. Then add a tin of haricot beans, or mixed beans. This is great hot, or cold in a toasted pitta.

Or, buy your food at the union!

Make sure you’re still having a well-balanced diet by buying at the union – there’s loads on offer! It fits in well with making sure you have a break from the library too.  New Leaf is one of the most popular food bars at uni, it’s really easy to get whatever you fancy and you can even order in advance and pick up later. Interval is also a great place to get some lunch or dinner with your friends, there is a variety of food on offer to suit all tastes. Other places to buy lunch at university are Bar One, Grill & Go and Our Shop.

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