The show must go on: part two

So my first blog post for ‘We are Sheffield students’ was about being a part of the Open Space society.  We’ve recently appointed a new committee for the next academic year, it was touch and go on whether we would find anyone but we managed!  A new committee to carry the torch for us! I was told by the new treasurer that Open Space won’t be the same without me, that is obviously an amazing compliment but I think each year something new is brought to the table (or mic) and that’s what makes it so exciting.

I feel lucky to have been on such a great committee where I’ve made great friends and met other like-minded individuals who also have a huge love for music, comedy and story-telling.  There’s something quite special about forming a bond with people through music, especially when you see the same friendly faces each week at open mic.  The committee had an end of year meal at The Harley (if you haven’t been, stop whatever you’re doing and go) a few weeks ago and I was sat there wondering where the time had gone.  Feels like just yesterday we were at the Societies’ Fair in September collecting new members.  I also remember that was the morning I had a reality check that I wasn’t in first year anymore and consequently couldn’t hack the partying as much!


We had our last open mic a couple weeks ago as numbers have dwindled due to it being that stressful time in the semester and struggling between sitting in the park and trying to find a library space (see my last blog where I tell the story of my struggle!!)  People still made the effort to come down to the last one.  Someone even brought their dog (Alba) which was pretty cool and she howled during her owner’s performance, out to steal the show of course!  We also introduced two of the new committee members and I have no doubt that the society will be in safe hands.  It’s something I’m really proud of that’s for sure.


My connections in the society got me the opportunity to perform at the See You Next Tuesday event at the Frog and Parrot on April 26th which was an amazing experience.  I had a half an hour set playing the keyboard and singing.  I even performed my own original song for the first time…scary and exciting! My housemates and friends came down to support me and it was an awesome atmosphere. I suppose I have come full circle; I’ve come pretty far since my first year when I was so hesitant to join the society and here I am after my three-year degree, blogging about these unforgettable experiences.  It definitely doesn’t hurt to try out new things and put yourself out there.


I wish everyone the best of luck in their exams and assessments, the end is near even if it feels like it’s miles off!

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