Guest blog: from final year undergrad to temporary work experience staff – a week in the life of a Sheffield Uni student

My name is Hannah and I’m a soon-to- be graduate from the department of music at Sheffield University. Although I’m not a regular blogger for the We Are Sheffield Student page, I’ve spent the past week gaining work experience with the Student Communications Team and so I’m really excited to be featuring as a guest writer today.

Hannah image 1

Like many third year students fast approaching the world of work, I’ve spent a lot of this year attempting to become more informed about the future by attending a range of workshops provided through the careers service. It was at the ‘Working in Creative Media and Marketing talk’ where I first met Georgie Beardmore. After a brief but exciting biography, Georgie revealed how her writing and reporting experiences have led to her current job as a Student Communications Adviser here at Sheffield University. Some of Georgie’s role involves regularly updating social media, communicating all the important (and fun) information to students, and helping create a range of exciting promotions and campaigns aimed at improving student experience.

I had no idea that such a cool job could exist! For the first time, life after University suddenly no longer felt like the looming prospect that finalists often experience (see my personal blog on that here). Hearing Georgie talk so passionately about her role filled me with the unexpected confidence that a career can actually provide enjoyment and satisfaction comparable to the joys of student life – who’d have thought!

So what have I been up to this week? Well, I’ve been able to help put together social media posts, learnt about the creation and development of student campaigns, analyse social media data, write a snazzy looking report, and experience meetings with members of staff from other departments based in the Union.

Hannah image 2

Shadowing Georgie’s work has given me an exciting taste of working life and significantly improved those first sneaky feelings of ‘post-uni blues’. This week has also shown me that I (embarrassingly) had no idea just how many people consistently work towards enhancing our student experience – we’re a lucky bunch!

My advice for new and returning students would therefore be to help yourself become informed – get involved with the online community provided University accounts, and the events that the student communications team publicise. Given that a recent article suggests that we spend an average of 23 days a year looking at our phone screens (that’s 552 hours, or 602 episodes of Game of Thrones, eek!), sharing and engaging with the content the Student Communications Team provide for you should definitely be up there as a priority (alongside the dog filter on snapchat). NB: If it wasn’t for a tweet published by the Careers Service, I wouldn’t have attended the creative media workshop in March and therefore wouldn’t have met Georgie and gained this opportunity – you can’t beat a bit of relevant serendipity!

I hope that those fellow students who are similarly graduating this summer (and joining me in Pop Tarts alumni status, sob) have also been able to gain some positives from this post. If, like me, you’ve felt worried about not having a ‘dream career’ to pursue, then don’t panic – there’s still time to be proactive in seeking a desirable career out. Attempting to secure work experience to see what makes you buzz is definitely something I would recommend.

I’d therefore like to end my one-off feature on this blog by thanking the Student Communications Team for welcoming me into their department this week. It’s been an invaluable experience with a great group of people and I’m really pleased to have gained additional skills to take forward into my next adventure.

Hannah 🙂

P.S Don’t forget to join the Shef Students community on Facebook (Sheffield Student Guidebook), Twitter (@SSiDSheffield), and Instagram (ssidsheffield).

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