Festival survival guide

Having been to a number of festivals myself over the past few years, it always amazes me how many people are completely unprepared for what a British festival may throw at you.  Here are my key pointers so that you can survive the weekend:

  • Be prepared for all weather eventualities: It’s Britain, its summer, and nothing is guaranteed. Make sure to pack sunscreen, wellies and a waterproof even if you trust the weather forecast implicitly. You’ll enjoy yourself much more if you aren’t caught in a torrential downpour with nothing but shorts and t shirts.
  • Make sure you understand how to put your tent up AND down. Pop up tents are great until you have no idea how to twist it back into the bag and end up having to leave it.
  • Toiletries are essential, and baby wipes will soon become your best friend. The lack of showering facilities coupled with the weekend hangover will soon have you reaching for the wipes to salvage whatever personal hygiene you can maintain.
  • Only pack as much as you can carry, its fine if you can plan seventeen outfit changes over the weekend but you’ll be stuck if you can’t complete the (usually long) walk from the festival drop-off point to the campsite. Packing smart and light is the best approach.
  • Medication is essential if you are to survive the weekend. Painkillers, plasters, insect repellent, indigestion tablets – you never know what you may need. Water and toilet paper are also necessary to perk yourself up after a night of heavy partying.

These are a few of my top tips, however they are not exhaustive. The best way to learn how to be prepared for a festival is to experience it for first hand. The best festival lesson I learned was the year I bought a lot of tinned food to live off and forgot to bring a tin opener. Enjoy your summer!

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