Post-exam unwinding

So exams are over, and most of us will pretty much have all the time in the world to have some fun and unwind from any pent up stress. I myself am quite an indoor-sy person, but still love the outdoors. Towards the end of the examination period, I was desperate to spend some relaxing and fun time outside. As a student in Sheffield, I’m pretty spoiled for choice in terms of outdoor activities and locations. Close to the university, there’s Western Park, Crookes Valley Park, Devonshire Green, Ponderosa Park and the Peace Gardens in the city to name a few. Further away, of course, there’s the Peak District perfect for walks, hikes, mountain biking and rock climbing amongst other things. After completing my final exam, that very afternoon I went into the city to get myself some water guns and played in a park for a couple of hours. The weather has been really good, with lots of sunshine so it was perfect for what I had planned. I come from a country of endless sun so I will admit that I missed it quite a lot. On the flip side however, I don’t always like being in its harsh rays so I often seek the coolness of the shade. That gives me the benefits of being outdoors and being in close enough proximity of sunshine to feel some of its warmth whilst not being directly battered by the sun’s rays.Like I said before, usually my preferred location at any time is indoors, to be honest. I spend countless hours on the computer playing video games, and I would spend just as much time on a gaming console if I had one here. Besides video games however, I also play board games and card games. A regular game I play is Citadels which I quite enjoy (it’s almost like Monopoly Deal, except everyone’s always different and it involves more strategy (and fun)). Just the other day, I was introduced to Munchkins. It was pretty fun and amusing. I’m certain that I enjoyed myself as much as I did thanks to the great company I had. There are SO many board/card games out there, one popular game being Cards Against Humanity. Call me boring if you like, but personally I’m not the biggest fan of the game, likely due to the… different sense of humour involved/required. But hey, lots of other people like it and I’m not one to judge. Everyone has different tastes and preferences and I’m okay with that.

Besides what I’ve mentioned, there are clearly more options for activities of your liking such as bowling, going out for a movie, going on a night out, laser tag, and so on and so forth. I don’t know about other cities, but here in Sheffield there really are SO many options to choose from. I’ve never regretted choosing to come to Sheffield to study and the more I stay here, the more I fall in love with the place and not want to leave.

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