And now, the end is near…

The expiry date on my UCard reveals that as of the 11th June, I will no longer be an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield. Although I’m excited about starting the next chapter, naturally there are many things I’m going to miss about being a student. To make myself feel better, I tried to come up with three reasons why saying goodbye to student life might not be the worst thing. I only managed to come up with three, but here they are:

  • The smell of damp – Living on a shoestring usually means that the heating isn’t on as often as it should be. This problem can usually be ignored by creating a cocoon made of blankets and thick onesies, but sadly this technique can only be used to warm up people and not inanimate objects. This means that in the winter, clothes fresh out the washing machine can sometimes take up to five days to dry, causing them to smell mouldy and even worse than before they went in the washing machine. Wearing clothes that both smell and feel vaguely damp is something that I’m definitely not going to miss about being a student!
  • Resisting temptation – Trying to work on an essay in the evening is so much harder when you can hear the rest of your house blasting out tunes as they get ready for a night out. As is trying to study when you’re plagued by questions such as “Do you want to go to the Hallamshire for a quick drink?” You know that you shouldn’t but convince yourself that going out for one pint and getting the last 1,000 words of the essay done by 12pm the next day is possible. Four pints and two hours later you’ve somehow ended up in West Street Live buying drinks that taste suspiciously like chocolate biscuits.
  • The stereotype – Students get a lot of stick from the media and from older generations, having been labelled as the lazy, binge-drinking generation. I for one am excited to see the back of middle-aged family members telling me how easy I have it, doing nothing all day, and having to reply that, unfortunately, fully-referenced essays don’t appear with a click of the fingers. Not to mention that graduating to tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘having it easy’!

Despite the negative aspects of student-life, I’m definitely sad to say goodbye to a lifestyle which deems being in your pyjamas from Friday night until Monday morning acceptable, which gets you a permanent, weekly invitation to Pop Tarts and which has allowed me to meet so many great people.

Sheffield, it’s been a pleasure – see you next month for graduation!

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