Ladies day 2016

On Wednesday, I took part in Ladies Day at the Goodwin top pitches. For those of you who maybe wondered why there were so many people walking around campus in sports gear, Ladies Day involved women from several of the University’s sports teams getting involved and giving new team sports a go in order to raise money for empowering women. From football and touch rugby, to netball and lacrosse the day offered the chance to give six sports a go in total. With around 150 of us getting involved, this was the most successful Ladies Day to date!

I went with some of the girls from Trampolining, and unsurprisingly a lot of these team sports were not our forte, although we gave it a good shot and did better than we expected in some of the events. The University’s Trampolining club has an amazing team feel but I guess when it comes to competing, we ultimately have to get up there and do it alone; getting involved in a team sport with the girls I bounce with was a totally new experience, and was actually really fun, even if we were clueless about formations. Our high point would have to have been winning the wheelbarrow races at the end – the core strength you get from Trampolining definitely came in handy here! Playing so many sports that I haven’t done since my school days was strangely nostalgic too, and made me realise how much I miss doing the sports I used to enjoy in P.E. Though I must admit my muscles are aching today, I feel really motivated to get involved with intramural hockey next year now.

Costing just a fiver, Ladies Day included a BBQ and t-shirt, as well as access to the pitches all day. Rounding off the day in Bar One was a great way to wind down, and who doesn’t love getting more uni sports stash!

Despite finishing exams on Tuesday afternoon, I’m so glad I made the effort to get up and go and join in. I must admit I was apprehensive about playing lacrosse and football for the first time, and not to mention playing netball against the University netball team. However, as members of the Trampolining club we were well aware that we probably wouldn’t be the best at these sports, and just approached the day as being a bit of fun – and fun it was.

Post-exam celebrations for a lot of students tend only to involve nights out, this event definitely provides another way to enjoy your free time in Sheffield, and doesn’t get in the way of those all-important nights out either.

So girls, be sure to look out for Ladies Day 2017!

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