A long, hot summer…

Before starting university, one of the things I was excited about – apart from the learning and broadening of horizons, of course – was the long summers. Three months with barely any work or limitations seemed like a dream, or it did until it happened.

Three months of absolutely nothing to do seems amazing until it’s mid July, you’ve eaten your parents out of house and home, you’re scrounging for 50p down the back of the sofa and you’re bored beyond belief. Obviously it was at this point I clicked on why everyone else seemed so obsessed with getting an internship or job – apart from the experience and money, it was something to do.

So now that the semester is coming to an end, I’ve compiled a very handy list of 10 things you could do this summer to ensure you don’t end up considering doing something insane like going for a jog, or getting ahead of reading for next semester.

  1. It might be a bit late, but sometimes you just need some guts to get an internship or work experience. Try emailing or phoning up some local places and asking if they would be willing to let you shadow someone for a week or two. You never know until you ask!
  2. Learn something new. Have you ever been fascinated by a particular language or wanted to learn the basics of an instrument? Three months is long time – why not try?
  3. Be a tourist in your own town! Why not rediscover your hometown? You could find some great new spots that soon turn into favourite hangouts.
  4. Budget holidays! During the summer is a great time for flash sales on airlines and travel agents for last minute holidays.
  5. Volunteering – always worthwhile! Charity shops, or charity events are always eager to have extra hands.
  6. Make a summer bucket list! It doesn’t matter if it has life changing events on it, or just to try a few new things from the local takeaway with your friends – either way it could switch things up and make the summer more fun.
  7. Catch up with old friends – sometimes with all the excitement of uni and new people, we can fall out of contact with school friends. Make an effort to catch up with them, or even visit each other’s uni towns.
  8. Release your inner child. Go back in time and do some of the things you loved to do when you were a child! (Naps are completely acceptable)
  9. Catch up on family time! Most of the time, things are too fun at uni to miss home, but when you do get back to your own bed and see your family again, it’s a great feeling.
  10. Finally – take a well deserved break! Maybe not for the full three months, but after a bit year at uni and the end of semester rush, you definitely deserve a rest and to look after yourself.

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe summer!

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