Stages of your first student night out as a graduate (specifically Pop Tarts)

You get all glammed up for your first pop tarts night out post-graduation.


You’re excited to see your friends again and have some fun at the end of your working week







On leaving, you realise that you’re starting your night waaaay past your bedtime.








You go to your friends house (who is stuck between being a student/graduate as a postgrad) and realise you do not miss living in a student house








On walking to the SU you spot a group of freshers shouting about something and think ‘Aw that used to be us’.







You go to Bar One first and just think ‘how many people can they fit into one room?!’








After pushing your way through freshers, you reach the bar…








… you realise the person serving you is younger than you








You strut into Foundry ready to whack out your dance moves…








… but are met with a noise level that is off the scale. WHEN DID IT BECOME SO LOUD?








You head for your ‘spot’ that was always yours, to find it overtaken.








It’s time for you to whack out your cracking dance moves such as ‘the lunge’ and own the dancefloor…









…only to look around the room and realise you literally know no one there apart from the people you came with.










It gets to 1am, you look around and can clearly spot the freshers. To them, uni has been a week of fun, filled with moving out of their parents house, meeting new people, going to the odd welcome talk here and there, and receiving a UCard and thinking ‘why did I choose that photo’. They’re eager and full of energy (and why do they all look about 12?)








This is in stark comparison to the permanent haggard look you have going on.









People push into you without so much as looking in your direction to see that you’re okay.








You reach the end of the night. What Pop Tarts used to be, and what it is now are very different things entirely. It’s familiar and yet it doesn’t feel the same. You realise how much you value and genuinely enjoy sleep, which is what you leave the SU to go and do.







Despite the night out feeling very different as a graduate as opposed to a student, you come to the realisation that despite their youthfulness, you have one thing over these students.

You have your degree and never have to write an essay ever again.






Jess, graduate 2016 and missing the students days.

(All gifs sourced from

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