Society highlight

I do not usually write about the societies I have been part of  at university, but the events of the past weekend are worthy of praise. A while ago I made a post on what I like about Model United Nations, a form of structured debate, following similar rules and procedures as the UN committees. In the post I explained what skills you can get and why should students try it.

After becoming President of Sheffield Model United Nations Society, my biggest wish was for our society to raise its profile in the MUN community by performing well at MUN conferences. I was happy when any member of our delegation received a Verbal Recommendation or Special Mention, Honourable Mention and Best Delegate, anything really. These achievements, while being the work of some enthusiastic and hard working people, felt very much a team effort because of our common goal.

Nothing prepared me for our society’s biggest surprise so far after attending an MUN between 29th -30th October: a Best Delegation Award (exact title: Best Small Delegation Award). While it may seem insignificant to others, since I joined the society in 2014, we haven’t received such an award, and because of that this means a lot to us.

I still cannot believe it is real, the moment I heard our name “University of Sheffield” being spoken loud and clear, I remember how I looked on the bench in front of me and my friend looked at me and screamed “It’s us!”. All I know is I almost ran in high heels down the lecture theatre stairs, got the award and asked for everyone of our delegation to come down for a picture. I have not seen the picture yet, but I sincerely think I must have the dumbest look on my face from all the grinning.

I always said I was a team player, and while my award was well received on Saturday night, nothing can surpass our team achievement, and for that I have to thank our wonderful training officer and our fantastic delegation. Well done everyone!

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