I’ve caught feelings for Sheffield

You’ll feel oddly attached to whichever university you choose to attend. It’s a rooted, emotional and perpetual feeling. I know that sounds weird, it’s not as if your university is your life long partner, nor is the attachment reciprocated because well, it’s an institution not a human being or a dog. But trust me, your relationship with your university cannot be ‘no strings attached’ – you will fall in love.

You might find yourself defending it in a conversation with students from other universities. Perhaps you’ll wear your university stash with pride when you go home. Maybe you’ll share numerous articles about university rankings to all your Facebook friends so as they all know that it’s moved up in the league tables or maybe you’ll keep returning after you’ve graduated to soak up that student life one last time.

I’m a Masters student studying Magazine Journalism but I have only been in Sheffield for a mere 5 weeks as I studied my undergraduate degree at Loughborough. It was strange making the transition, I felt weirdly guilty about going to a different university, as if I were somehow betraying my former one. And I certainly didn’t want Loughborough to know that I was moving away and probably going to catch feelings for some place else.

As well as questioning my sanity I was admittedly quite nervous. You may think “that’s mad, you’ve been a student for three years already, why would you be nervous? You already know how to reference and how to use the library; you feel comfortable with calling lecturers by their first name after years of using ‘Sir’ and ‘Miss’; you’re okay with making small talk to that one housemate you haven’t spent that much time with and you’re quite happy to shotgun a cupboard with confidence on the day of your arrival.”

And all of this is true but that doesn’t make it any less daunting and it’s okay, probably even a good thing, to be slightly nervous. But you need to embrace change when it comes your way no matter how terrifying it may seem and no matter how attached you might be to what you already know.

My time at Sheffield so far has been incredible; I love the buzz of the city, how sociable postgrad halls are, how friendly everyone has been and lastly, how practical my course is proving to be. I don’t like the number of hills I have to endure on a daily basis but that’s another story.

So I’m really grateful of the refreshing change and I’m almost certain that when my year here is over I will feel just as heartbroken to be leaving as I felt when graduating the first time round. I’m fairly sure I’ve started to get attached already – how embarrassingly keen of me.

Therefore I sincerely hope that Loughborough, if you do happen to stumble across this blog post, that you will understand my sentiments. Monogamy is overrated anyway.

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