Being a Christian at university: myth busting

I don’t know what came into your head when you read that title. Maybe you went to church when you were a kid and experienced the strange world of the traditional church with its archaic hymns and dry quiches. Perhaps your perception comes from loud people on the street who shout right-wing things about homosexuality and abortion. (I immediately feel the need to apologise…) Or perhaps you imagine Christians with a ‘holier than thou’ halo.

But Christians, particularly Christian students, are not all like that. There are places that do serve bad quiches and stick to the old ‘Kumbaya My Lord’ — I know; I find it painful too — but being a Christian at uni is a wonderfully diverse thing that, if you’ve never really met any Christians, you might not have any idea about.

So I’m here to do some myth busting that will hopefully leave you slightly enlightened…

1. We do drink alcohol.

I put this one first because, let’s be honest: students.

Of course, not every Christian drinks alcohol, just like not every atheist, agnostic, Hindu, Pagan, average Joe (I should not have started a list…) drinks alcohol. But Jesus himself turned water into wine; he loved a good celebration!

2. We don’t all hate homosexuality.

In fact, many Christians are LGBT. This is a massive topic in the international church with as many different opinions as people talking about it. Personally, I believe that Jesus taught that love was the most important aspect of being human and that it comes from God — so how can love, in whatever shape it takes, be bad?

3. We get things wrong. (And sometimes we know it).

The ‘holier than thou’ halo… Yeah, that’s not a thing. Christians make mistakes all the time and (most of us!) know it. The whole point of Christianity is that we know we suck sometimes, but we have a relationship with God: he forgives us and helps us work to be a bit better than we were yesterday.

4. We don’t all believe the exact same thing.

This is probably becoming clear. For every Christian, you’ll find a different set of opinions, but we do all have the same foundation: in a nutshell, we believe there’s one God that sent part of himself to earth as a human (Jesus) so he could have a personal and loving relationship with us.

Christians can be weird. Christians can be fun/boring/drunk/grumpy/hard-workers/partiers/introverts and [insert adjective here]. There are a thousand more things that could be said, but if you have questions, hunt down the Christian Union (on Facebook, the SU website, or in person) and ask someone. We don’t bite. (Unless it’s quiche)

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