The broke student guide to having fun at uni for free!

Free Gigs!

Photo credit: Dan West

Photo credit: Dan West

Who doesn’t love a good live gig to sway your hips or bang your head to? Well, if you’re that student then Forge Presents is the perfect place to get your hot fix of the best up and coming artists and bands, and all for free! Forge Presents is part of the Forge Media society. And along with it being a free society, it hosts free gigs that cater to every music genre lover, so there is something for everyone. Now, to get all the latest gig news just simply follow them on Twitter or Facebook or simply check their website.

Another society that hosts free gig nights is the Rock society. What’s so great about the Rock society is that members with musical talents get to play in their gig nights too! So why not join them (membership is only £3), as you could end up being the headlining artist for their next gig night and play for the masses!

Also, you can write for Forge Press’s music team and get a press pass for a live gig with a plus one. If you’re lucky you might even get to interview whoever is playing. It’s all for free, so just join Forge press’s mailing list already!


Free Club Nights!

Maybe you like clubbing but don’t have the cash to go as often as you’d like. Well then, have no fear, because there is EMC (Events Management Committee). You can be a part of this society for free and all you’d have to do is help with the promotion, marketing and setting up of nights out among other events in the SU. And the best part is that you get free entry to the club nights that you help out with, as well as enhancing your publicity and events management skills.

Free Films!


If your idea of fun is Film with a capital ‘F’, then Film Unit will be your calling card. This is the SU’s very own cinema and its volunteer run. So, if you want to watch films that range from the classics to recent blockbuster or indie films, volunteer for them and you’ll get to watch them for free. But, if you don’t want to volunteer then just get yourself down to the box office and watch the film that takes your fancy for only £3, now that’s a good deal!

Now, that was the breakdown of free entertainment – all done by a broke student who found out about those opportunities a little too late.

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