An introvert’s guide to Fresher’s Week


You may be surprised to know, that for a considerable number of people, dancing awkwardly in a claustrophobic room full of incredibly drunk strangers, is not the epitome of existence.

Frankly, I would never relive Freshers Week. As an introvert who prefers deep and genuine relationships with a select few rather than shallow, automated acquaintances with masses, the week was incredibly exhausting.

The daytime would be spent forcing myself into overcrowded halls full of overwhelming decisions to make, new information to process, and strangers to socialise with.

Then in the evenings there were the parties [do not get me wrong I enjoy parties] with complete strangers who I had no idea how to relate to.

This is not the time to log onto UCAS and click on “Delete My Application.” Nor is it time to beg your parents to book a holiday that overlaps Fresher’s Week.

There is no denying that it may be easier for the extroverts who amass enormous amounts of socialising energy, but it is manageable. You are your own person, and this is your week. You are not governed by others’ expectations. You will gain respect and friendships far more quickly if from the beginning, you are warmly and unrepentantly yourself.

Although there were numerous occasions when I wanted to burrow into my bedroom away from everyone, I strongly recommend doing at least one social thing every day.

Going out clubbing is just one option: I went ice skating with my flat, they all cooked a birthday meal for me; we had film nights and flat parties.

Despite the initial trepidation, there is something pretty incredible about bonding with people who a few days ago you never knew existed!


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