We’re halfway there…

It’s that time of the term again – the middle of the semester, which for most students involves an overload of assignments. As a third year English literature student, I have written countless essays throughout my time at University and yet the process of researching, planning, drafting and eventually coming up with a finished piece of work still doesn’t come second nature to me, nor will it ever. And if you’re reading this, perhaps as a form of procrastination for an assignment of your own, be assured there is a vast body of students out there suffering from a similar case of mid-term blues. Week seven always seems to be the pivotal point for myself – last week I was suddenly confronted with three assignments, each demanding plenty of attention, and each equally perplexing to my bewildered self. So to help contend with the rising pressures, here’s some tips to take the edge off the deadlines.

1 – Give yourself a break! Every hour or so, allow yourself a little time to rest, make yourself a cup of tea, treat yourself to some chocolate. This way you can work more efficiently for the next hour and also you have a valid guilt-free excuse to purchase plenty of chocolate!

2 – Timing is everything, so plan plan plan! This is especially important if you are dealing with multiple assessed pieces of work – it may seem excessive to plan when you are going to begin planning, but a basic timetable really does make a difference mentally, especially in lowering stress levels!

3 – Don’t become a hermit! Constant preoccupation with assigned work is never a good thing. When they say reign in the partying that doesn’t mean submit yourself to solitary confinement. Communicating with friends and getting out the house will stimulate your mind, so in a way, socialising, (in moderation of course,) will help you to power through your workload.

4 – Don’t forget your beauty sleep. Personally I prefer working in the evenings as I find the silence and stillness a more productive setting, but a solid eight to ten hours of sleep is so important. Energy drinks and coffee simply cannot compete with a good night’s kip.

Really then, we may as well view the run up to mid-semester as a timetabled period for extra hours in bed, eating chocolate, socialising with friends, and reaching the end point of those aggravating assignments! And on an end note – remember to enjoy this time and put in the work now, because we will be sure to look back and consider this moment tranquil in comparison, come the final week of semester; in reality, the overload has only just begun!

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