The Great Escape Game – will you survive?

There are very few moments in which you can say you’ve been blindfolded, handcuffed and led into a blood splattered room without causing alarm and raising several eyebrows. Yet here I am, perfectly fine, and somewhat proud after completing The Great Escape game in Sheffield. Me and five of my flat mates were given fifty minutes to solve a series of puzzles, and break out of a “murderer’s” basement before we became his next bunch of victims. (Cue the scary music)

My flat and I had been planning to try The Great Escape since we saw it advertised in fresher’s week, and once exams were over we decided it was time to test our flat bond and take on our own daring escape. We each paid £12 to take part which as a student was a serious chunk of my weekly budget. I’d recommend trying The Great Escape when you’ve had a particularly good week budgeting and are willing to substitute a night out for something a bit different. I’d recommend going on a week day or looking out for discount vouchers to help save that little bit extra.

We made it out of the room in under fifty minutes, and more importantly escaped the clutches of a ‘homicidal maniac’ before he caught us snooping for clues in his basement. We had no idea how challenging the puzzles would be, so when the final door unlocked, and our escape was deemed a success, we were admittedly quite proud. We’re determined to try another escape room in Sheffield and see if we can beat our time; a respectable thirty-six minutes and twenty-four seconds. (Not that I’m keeping track)


The Great Escape offers four live escape rooms: Placebo, Mad scientist, Alcatraz and Homicide. We attempted the Homicide room, and the team at The Great Escape kept us on our toes from the off. After my flatmate forgot to press start on the timer, leaving us with no clue of how long we had been in the room, the game quickly became a frantic mission for survival. The mixture of panic and pure silliness made for a one-off experience that I would recommend to any student. So, find yourself a spare hour, rally the troops and take on your own escape (let’s hope you make it out alive).

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