‘Eccy Road is the place to be’

So, as a newcomer to Sheffield this academic year, not knowing anything about the area, I found myself living on Ecclesall Road. When you mention Sheffield and Ecclesall Road together in one sentence, to people living in Sheffield, or people who have lived in Sheffield, or even people who have never been to Sheffield but know someone who has, they all know Ecclesall Road, or Eccy Road as the locals call it. Apparently (according to my mum, among others) ‘Eccy Road is the place to be’.

It took me all of two days when I first arrived in Sheffield, before I thought I would venture out for dinner. Walking into town seemed too daunting; I could still barely find my way to university, so Eccy Road it was. We ended up going to Mud Crab and having duck and waffles, stopping off at Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone loaded with chocolate ice cream and fudge topping. And ever since then, all I seem to do at every opportunity is to go on an adventure down Eccy Road to find some food or drinks.

In terms of places to grab a bite to eat, the list is endless. A great place to take the parents for lunch at a weekend is Couch. Their sandwiches are incredible and choice of cakes even better. Reds True Barbeque is also a big hit, think Nandos but with slow cooked barbeque meat – pick your meat and pick two sides. But make sure you book in advance as its very popular, although they Deliveroo now too. Graze Inn is another great place to eat, their breakfasts are to die for. The Baked Alaska at Mud Crab is another must try. I have also heard good things about Ashoka, Uncle Sam’s Bar and Diner and Yankees too.  Student discounts are plentiful as well, just ask and you’ll probably get a discount at most places.

In terms of places to drink, the list is pretty endless. Cocktails at Mud Crab are a winner, with Craft and Dough also having an amazing selection. Portland House, a microbrewery, is great if you want to try a new beer or ale for pretty decent prices, with some board games thrown in for good measure. For something non-alcoholic, Cocoa does incredible hot chocolates, among other sweet treats.

And if eating and drinking isn’t your thing, Eccy Road has plenty of shops too. From chains to independent shops, whatever you need, you can probably find it on Eccy Road. There is even a gunsmith too! Not to mention Endcliffe Park at the end of the road, great for a run or walk, with the Botanical Gardens also being accessed half way along the road. Whatever your interest, Eccy Road has it all.

So next time you are thinking of going out to grab some food or a few drinks, head on down to Eccy Road, hopefully it won’t disappoint!

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