December already?

‘Where has this year gone?’ I ask myself on average about four times a day. If life were like a film this would be the part where the student looks thoughtfully into the distance, and a montage of the last twelve months flashes hazily before their eyes.

December is finally upon us, and thanks to the Marks & Spenser’s Christmas advert, I’m finding it hard to contain my festive excitement. Students from all over Endcliffe and Ranmoor will soon be rushing to Pound World in search of tinsel, lights and a “it’ll do” size Christmas tree to adorn their flat kitchen. (Good luck finding somewhere to fit it)

Some of my favourite first year memories were forged under flashing festive lights while drinking mulled wine, and what better place to do it than at a society Christmas Ball. I’ll admit that I was unsure about attending a Christmas ball last year, especially with my course mates who were yet to see my limited range of terrible dance moves. (The Jellyfish, Lawnmower and Sprinkler to be exact). But without a doubt this was one of the highlights of first year for me, and a great way to meet more people on my course. I’ll take any excuse to dig the heels out of the cupboard, throw on a bit of glitter and sip cocktails while dancing to Fairy Tale of New York (what a picture I’m painting). And to top it off, our ball ticket included free pizza all night at Bloo 88 which, in all honesty, is one of the main things I’m looking forward to with this year’s ball fast approaching.

There is nothing more exciting, or stressful, than trying to cook a Christmas dinner. There’s so much to think about, from buying all the food to where on earth will you find enough pans to cook everything in your tiny student kitchen. However, despite complications our flat meal last year was an epic triumph, and how we still had room for pudding will forever remain a mystery. Afterwards we exchanged secret Santa presents over a glass of mulled wine, and then ended the night with a full bellied trip to good old Corporation (a true student Christmas if ever there was).

One final place that holds a permanent spot on my December to do list is a Christmas market. Admittedly the light switch on in Sheffield is not the most remarkable display you will ever see, but the Christmas market is worth a trip into the city centre. This year my favourite addition is the pop up bar ‘Thor’s’ located in the peace gardens. Whether you’re in the mood for a warming hot chocolate or glass of mulled wine, nothing will take away the winter chill like a roaring fire pit inside a cosy tipi tent.

So, before the year ends have a fabulous last few weeks in Sheffield. Treat yourself to a mince-pie or two, and make sure to be careful when trekking to University down those icy hills. Happy Holidays.

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