Nine airport hacks

In the past year, I have visited various airports over ten times. I love travelling, but it is without a doubt that some forward planning and tips can make your journey go a lot smoother. Here are just nine tips I would recommend to anyone spending time travelling through airports.

Tips for travelling

Tips for traveling

1. Travel with a multiway plug and a portable charger – travelling often takes quite a while and you can never guarantee when you will next be able to plug into the electricity. A multiway plug will take advantage of any plugs you do find, being able to charge multiple devices at once or charge at the same time as a friend. A portable charger will allow you to charge your devices no matter where you are (but do remember to charge the charger before you embark on your journey!)

2. Take a plastic bag glove to separate your toothbrush – this is a rather difficult one to explain (please see photo, I haven’t gone crazy, I promise!). In essence, if you place the toothbrush head in the middle finger compartment of the glove, you can place another toothbrush head in the ring finger compartment and use the thumb and pinky compartments to tie the toothbrushes together, keeping damp toothbrush heads apart and the rest of your wash bag dry. A cheaper alternative to a toothbrush holder.

3. Keep Duty-Free shopping bags – if you are flying with an airline with strict baggage rules, sometimes it’s worth having a spare Duty-Free shopping bag to place your extra items in. Most airlines will allow at least one extra bag of Duty Free Shopping, if you’re flying from the same main airports, many of their bags are the same and most of the stewards do not actually have time to check the contents of that bag. It’s also a good way to keep all the stuff you’ll need during the flight such as tablets and nibbles near your seat whilst your suitcase is in the overhead cupboard.

4. Roll rather than fold – This is a tip I picked up from a fellow traveller last summer and I have not looked back. By rolling each item of clothing rather than the traditional fold, it is a much more efficient use of space and I have found myself being to fit nearly twice as many items in my suitcase.

5. Get a free make-over/ free samples – many of the airports will have boutique areas. Show some interest in their products and many will give you small samples for you to take with you. If you’re only travelling for a few days, these samples are perfect to last you for the duration of your stay. Either before you board or after you land, there is also often the option in the boutique areas to sample the make-up. Perfect for a last minute touch up or application to look your best before you arrive in your next destination

6.  Carry some sandwich bags – if you remember, pack a few standard square sandwich bags which are recloseable for security. Some airports offer these bags for free whilst others such as Luton and Birmingham charge £1 for one bag. Otherwise, if you go through to the security area without a bag, very often security will give you a bag for free rather than have you hold up the queue whilst you go and get a plastic bag.

7. Spend more time on holiday and less time waiting for bags in hold – If you don’t want your cabin bag in hold, make sure you arrive early at your gate. It is only normally half way through the queue that the stewards are directed to start putting bags in hold. The smaller your bag, also the less likely you’ll be asked to put your bag in hold

8. Use all your pockets – if you’re going somewhere cold and you’ll already be wearing a coat then make sure to utilise your pockets. Anything from shoes to books can be squeezed into a coat pocket and might make the difference to whether your bag is over the weight limit or not.

9. Take hot chocolate satchets/tea bags etc. – have a cheap hot beverage (or even soup/noodles etc.) on board the plane by taking your own dehydrated drink/food satchets and asking the stewards for hot water. Normally, hot water and the cup is free meaning you have a hot drink/snack of your favourite brand for a fraction of the normal price.

Do you have any other top airport travel tips? Let me know in comments!

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