Take me to a happy place

I look forward to the years when I can actually appreciate January by filling my time with good books and a perpetual cycle of tea and biscuits. However, being a student, this is not the case. It’s exam season *deep breaths* which means that revision is, for most of us, completely unavoidable. I can’t so much as go to the pub for one harmless drink without feeling a pang of guilt strike me after a few sips of ale.

This is why, while I daydream between each new page, I think of a happier time before Christmas ended, and my responsibilities were put on hold in favour of mince pies. I escape to my happy place: The Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield. This open-air gallery, situated just half an hour away from Sheffield City Centre, is the ideal day out for any restless student.


After very little persuasion, I convinced my housemate to drive us there for a spontaneous Sunday adventure before Christmas. It’s free to visit the park, so all we had to pay for was parking and a meal deal on the way (the ones from Boots are a shout).

I had been twice before to the YSP, both in the summer, and with each visit an abundance of new sculptures were there waiting to be discovered. Even for those of you who take no interest in huge, colourful Buddhas (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t) the estate grounds on which the park is located are perfect for some much-needed head space.


I’d recommend visiting the YSP while you’re living in Sheffield if you like any of the following: walking, art, trees, lakes, friendly dog walkers, a cave of copper sulphate crystals (Hiorn’s Seizure) or taking selfies with a giant, mosaic octopus. If none of those things appeal to you it’s still important to find a healthy escape from revision. We all need something for when the text books start to drive us insane. Whether it be escaping to the Steam Yard for a pot of tea, reading a good book, or going for a run through Western park its crucial to take a sanity break once in a while.


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