Final year fear

Final year comes around a lot quicker than expected. One minute you’re a novice first year and you don’t want to go home even when it’s the summer holidays because you love student life and all that comes with it. And the next minute, you’re a final year and you still don’t want to go home during the summer holidays because you want to soak up student life as much as you can.

But it’s time to face the music. The horrible, terrifying music. The music that says your leaving the student bubble and stepping out into the big, wide, adult world. The music that says it’s time to get a job. The music that says, it’s time to find a place to live, a long-term partner and an annual wage that’s big enough to support you and your extortionately-priced London rent.

The few months leading up to your graduation are the few months where you decide whether you’re going to settle down, stay on in further study or travel the globe, and it’s probably going to be quite a confusing time.

As cliche as it sounds, you’ve spent the past few years ‘finding yourself’. You’ve suddenly become far more ‘you’ than you have ever been before. But now it’s time for yet another transition, another adjustment. You need to stop being a nocturnal night owl and start being a bright and early morning lark. You need to accept the fact that your summer isn’t going to be four months long and your Easter won’t be three weeks. You need to reign in your mid-week wild side and become a weekend warrior instead. Pulling all-nighters can no longer be a thing, and nor can binging on baked beans and Red Bull.

But it’s not the be all and end all. It’s merely time for some slight alterations. It doesn’t mean you have to start wearing faux-suede slippers and shuffling about your house every night with Coronation Street on in the background. Nor does does it mean that all the fun is going to be sucked out of you and your going to become some suited and booted, corporate robot.

You can still be you. You’re just going to have different responsibilities. It won’t be an essay due in at 4pm on Thursday, but a meeting you have to prepare for instead. And it won’t be students you’ll be living with, but perhaps a shared house with other young professionals – whether or not that will make a difference to how frequently the bins are emptied, I don’t know. And you can still have fun and go to festivals during the summer months, you’ll just have to book a couple of days off work.

Your priorities will change, and whilst that’s scary, it’s also needed. Use your last year of uni to be as ‘student’ as possible. Study hard because it actually counts, party mid-week because that’s not a thing forever, volunteer where you can because it’s the only time opportunities like that will be on your doorstep, get addicted to caffeine because I don’t know many students that aren’t and don’t worry about losing your student status because it’s time to move on and the future is actually quite exciting. 

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