Kate Nash and her fabulous floral unitard

It’s been just over a week since I saw Kate Nash perform at The Leadmill and I’m still Merry Happy from what was, undoubtedly, one of the best gigs I’ve been to since moving to Sheffield (there was an excellent Kate Nash pun in there just in case you missed it). Recall your favourite gig memory, times it by ten, add an all-female band and a multi-coloured unitard and here you have my Thursday night. Can you tell I’m still not over it?

I won’t attempt to describe the meltdown I endured when the intro to Foundations erupted and a ten year wait, to hear her most famous song performed live, was finally over. Just know there was a lot of screaming and jumping around. One of the best things about the gig was the Sheffield crowd. No one was pushing. No one was outrageously drunk (as far as I’m aware) And everyone raised their arms immediately when Nash signaled she was preparing for a fearless crowd surf. It really felt as though everyone was there to appreciate both her old and excitingly new music which just enhanced the experience even further.


Luckily, I contained my excitement to a degree, and proceeded to enjoy a fabulous night of shameless dancing and powerful messages of female empowerment. One of the main things I realised after the gig (apart from that I need to get myself a colourful unitard) is that I really don’t take advantage of the music scene in Sheffield enough. There are plenty of clubs and music venues that regularly host a range of bands and singers during the week. I’d recommend following some music venues on various social media platforms and that way you’ll get to know if a band you like will be gracing the streets of Sheffield anytime soon.

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