POLSOC adventures to Dublin!

Joining societies is one of the best ways to meet new people and see new places with friends whilst at university. Without a shadow of a doubt joining the Politics Society has been worth it: meeting my friends, volunteering and of course my latest adventure to Dublin.


This is year the society’s annual trip traveled to Dublin for a long weekend of adventures and it was the best way to spend the start of my final ever semester here in Sheffield. Travelling is not something I enjoy so after the journey across the Irish Sea in the early hours of the morning I was glad to be in a new city ready to explore. With four days and three nights to fill within Dublin and for only around £150 it was worth it and my friends and I definitely got the most out of the trip.


First things first, and most importantly, food! We were certainly not short of restaurants in Dublin to explore, from a small independent café or restaurant to the chains down the main street so it is safe to say we ate well whilst away and even on a student friendly budget. Secondly, the nightlife, although on the pricey side compared to Sheffield. From nightclubs on the Southside, such as Copper Jacks which is an amazing night, to small local bars in Temple Bar that provided a fair few opportunities for us to try Guinness. Finally, the typical tourist stuff was something we participated in but made our days.



On our first day, we spent the morning on free walking tour around the south side of the city for three hours in the cold and our afternoon spent exploring the Guinness Storehouse, which is a must see if you are ever in the area. Now I must talk about the National Leprechaun Museum: yes, that’s right, we paid 12euros to be taken into the ‘otherworld’ to learn about Irish folk law history. But when in Dublin it only seemed appropriate, and when you get to spend an hour walking through a surreal museum climbing on giant furniture it seems worth it, or it did for us, and we most definitely made some fun memories.



The Polsoc trip was the best way I could think of to celebrate the end of exams and delay thinking about dissertations and final semester. Spent with some of my best friends and new ones as well, it was a trip that I will always remember. As we head into final semester treasuring things like this are becoming so important to me as uni begins to come to an end.  Should you ever get a chance to go on a society run or uni trip anywhere, then I recommend it. This is a weekend  I won’t be forgetting in a hurry, filled with funny, embarrassing and typical tourist moments. Now back to reality and looking back at photos wishing I could relive the adventure!




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