Changing courses

I seem to mention in some of my blogs the fact I changed courses for this year, so I figured why not write about it?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll give you a quick low down. Last year, I was here studying Law and Criminology. I withdrew from university just after Christmas and, as I worked, I reapplied to study Journalism here this year.

I was really unsure about coming to university in the first place. I went on a gap year after 6th form because I knew I needed a break from studying. I thought a year out would surely be enough time to decide what I wanted to do but. alas, it wasn’t and with no other real plans I accepted my deferred place studying Law and Crim.

I found the first month great, moving in with people my age and getting involved with sports and societies. The lectures and seminars seemed quite interesting. However, after the first month I started to find the reading and lectures really dull and only enjoyed going to the seminars. I enjoyed the criminology side of the course however this was only a small section.  I knew it wasn’t the course for me but Uni life socially was quality so I really didn’t want to leave.  I could have completed the course but I couldn’t see myself using the degree in future and as university costs so much I felt it was better to leave and then, if I wanted, I’d have the opportunity to return. I left with the intention of moving abroad and never returning to uni.

This was much easier said than done. I realised quite soon after I left I had no money (basically still a student) and no idea where I actually wanted to move. I got a job in a bar and on a farm to save up some money and work out what I wanted to do. I don’t know when I thought of applying for Journalism, I think it just clicked in my brain. I love making videos, photography and writing blogs and I missed the independence of university and city life.  So I began the long drawn out process of UCAS – luckily my old teachers helped me out and I got onto the Journalism course.

This time round my experience has been different. I’ve put a lot of effort into the course and tried to engage as much as possible to gauge whether I’ve made the right decision. So far I feel I have (touch wood). The course has been much harder than Law ever was and there’s more work.  I still find aspects I don’t enjoy that much, however it’s so much more engaging and thankfully there’s a lot less reading. This semester I’m trying to get a better social life and to take part in some Forge Sports events.

I think if you’re unsure about your course there’s a lot of people who may feel the same as you. I’m glad I was confident enough to make the decision to leave as I’ve had the opportunity to return to study something much more fun and relevant to what I want to do in future. If you feel like the course isn’t for you maybe think about what you might like to do or study instead. I sent lots of emails to the Journalism department and found out as much as possible before reapplying.  And, if you’re loving your course, then I apologise for all that blabbing!

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