The inevitable realities of third year

There is something rather enjoyable, for me anyway, about sitting and watching the world go by. People getting on with their daily lives whatever they may be up to and wherever this may lead. As I write I am sat doing exactly that. With a Costa in one hand I am currently sat waiting for my train home from London having just endured another reality of third year: a job interview. Having to accept the inevitable reality that I need to leave the bubble of university really hit home as I travelled down to London in the early hours of this morning (and that’s not just student early, I mean 6:30am)!

One thing I don’t get is why we tend to build up interviews in our heads, panicking about the whole experience. Yes, it is a daunting prospect, and yes, I am guilty of this but every time I walk out I question why I was so apprehensive. Granted, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I am writing this not knowing if I have secured a grad job or where I am going to be next year, but regardless it is definitely a fundamental part of the final year experience for most people. Especially because we are now in the middle of the final semester of the year for many of us it is our final semester in Sheffield and it’s very much a bitter sweet feeling. I cannot wait to leave and go and get a job doing something I enjoy. But in order to leave I have to graduate and find somewhere to employ me and leave my friends behind once more. If I had to offer one piece of advice to fellow students though it would be embrace spending a year in limbo. If you don’t know what on earth you are going to do when you leave, do not worry. I think I am one of few who has a plan and that’s probably because in all honesty I am overly organised.

As I watch everyone in the station running and walking past I wonder how many of them are really in a career they are enjoy and are passionate to achieve in. I also wonder how many of their current jobs have anything to do with their education and what they might have studied at university. This is not to negate the brilliant bubble that is university but it makes you think for a second where we will all be in 10 years. There is a reason behind my nosiness which is premised on my interest in people, lives and experience. To think philosophically, we are all part of this crazy and ever changing world and no matter what we all do when leaving the university community we will find a new one and it will all change again. Now here is to the final push for fellow final years to finish dissertations and essays and to everyone else just think of summer!

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