Escaping the city!

Living in Sheffield affords us a unique opportunity – to live in a busy city with every amenity available but to also be half an hour away from some of the most beautiful countryside in England. Before coming to Sheffield, I hadn’t heard of the Peak District, but it soon became one of my favourite places to go.

There are so many worthwhile things to do in the Peaks, such as Chatsworth, the most beautiful stately home belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, or the walk to Baslow edge, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding villages and countryside.

After experiencing so much of what the Peaks has to offer, I keep going back to one place that has that quaint charm that belongs to a fairytale village – Bakewell. Bakewell has this distinctive feel to it, that as soon as you step off the bus into the village, it feels as though you’ve stepped back in time. The buildings and architecture are stunning, and it’s so easy to imagine what it must have been like centuries ago during the Anglo-Saxon period, which is when Bakewell is thought to have been founded.

Apart from the notable beauty of the general village, Bakewell has beautiful walkways to follow, particularly along the river, which boasts amazing wildlife, and also a bridge over the river which holds hundreds of ‘love locks’ attached to it, which couples and friends can write their initials upon a lock, attach it to the bridge, and then throw the key in the river, sealing their relationship.

All Saints Church, a Grade 1 listed building is so worthwhile to visit, as a beautiful piece of architecture, the church was founded in 920 during Saxon times and has many distinctive Saxon features, including carved stonework. Being up at All Saints Church and looking out over the village is such a serene experience that a trip to Bakewell is worthwhile just for this.

Of course, Bakewell is known for something else that many of us have heard of -the Bakewell Tart. A pudding thought to be created by accident after a cook read the instructions of the landlady wrong, it is a pastry with jam, egg and ground almond filling. Numerous shops in Bakewell claim to have the original recipe, although regardless of which one really does hold this – they are all delicious. It’s such a sweet experience to sit in one of these pudding shops and enjoy a Bakewell Tart with friends, away from the stress of university and the city.

Bakewell is so delightful because it not only looks like a fairytale, but it feels like one too. It is such a tranquil village, simultaneously bustling and quiet, that it feels so far removed from the city, despite only being a short journey away. It is so refreshing to stroll around the quaint village squares, the quirky shops and the wide variety of welcoming pubs for the perfect Sunday lunch. If you need to de-stress and spend some time away from the hectic lifestyle of uni- particularly coming up to deadline season- then you absolutely have to experience a day in Bakewell. It’s forever got a place in my heart, and I’m confident it will in yours too!

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