Self care is a wonderful thing

Last week I reached a point where reality could only be described as one of the following: bleak, stressful, futile, dismal or grim. I may have gone a bit wild with the synonym button but you get the idea. I had deadlines looming, four long shifts at work and my personal life seemed to busier than ever. Top this off with an unexpected spring cold and you have yourself a pretty miserable student.

I think its natural at university to solve stress by climbing into bed and sleeping for as long as you can. You must only leave your duvet nest when the hunger pains become unbearable, and they can be settled by a cuppa and some toast, before climbing back into bed and waiting for the essays to manifest on their own accord. Sadly, this is yet to happen to me, but a girl can dream.

Back to last week. It was Saturday morning and life seemed less than ideal. However, the glorious sunshine revived me and I decided that today would be a self-care day. Self-care is incredibly important for any student, especially heading towards final exams and assessments. I made arrangements with my housemates and by eleven we were in the car, windows down, La La Land shamelessly blasting out of the stereo and heading towards Lady Bower Reservoir.

Did I feel any guilt about putting my essay on hold? Maybe a little. But did I have some much need time with my friends on a gorgeous day in the peak district? Yes, I did. I can’t stress enough how much every student should visit the Peak District at least once during their time in Sheffield. A walk in the sunshine was exactly what I needed to clear my head, and salvage some desperately needed motivation to get myself back on track.

Making time for self-care during the busy university schedule is by no means easy, but each time you treat yourself to a snack you’ve been craving, or go for a run before lectures start you gain a small victory in regards to your mental and physical health.

Take care over the Easter break. Treat yourself to some chocolate and be aware of the importance of self-care as well as your studies.

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