Top tips for Graduation


It’s getting around to the time where those of you in final year have to sign up for graduation and start measuring yourselves for your gowns. I can’t believe that it’s nearly been a year since I graduated (cry cry) but I thought I’d share with you my top tips for the day!


  • Speaking of measuring yourself for your gown and hat, it’s a lot easier if you get someone else to measure you (and you can return the favour) and please please use a tape measure and not try to measure your head with a plastic 30cm ruler like my housemate did.
  • Make sure you know which faculty you’ll be graduating under! This might sound obvious but it can get a bit tricky with dual degrees if they’re across different faculties so if you’re unsure drop your department an email to check.
  • If you want to order photos be aware that if you scroll right to the bottom of the price list there will be options to buy the photos without the frames which cuts a lot off the price!
  • You are guaranteed two tickets for the hall, but there might be extra tickets you can claim closer to the date so keep an eye on your student email in the lead up to the day. Don’t worry if you want more family to come but can’t get any more tickets – there’s a free live stream in the SU Auditorium or the stream can be accessed online!
  • Know what time/day your ceremony is and what time you need to be in the SU to collect your gown – although it may seem like you are asked to get there early, it’s good to give yourself plenty of time to collect the gown and get ready rather than having a mad rush!
  • You can take your photo at any point during the day – if there’s a massive queue after you’ve collected your gown don’t feel like you have to queue up and then worry about being late for your ceremony – the photographers are there for the whole day! Depending on when your ceremony is, the quietest times are first and last thing, or in the time when the lunchtime ceremony is on, but those in the afternoon ceremony haven’t started arriving yet.
  • Take hair grips for your hat and a safety pin for your gown. If there isn’t a button to loop your hood around then it’ll end up choking you if you don’t pin it!
  • Take loads of photos! The day will go so quickly so take as many photos with as many friends as you can. Depending on what your next steps are this could be the last time you see people for a while so definitely savour it! You might think ‘oh I’ll see them again before I leave’ but in reality this might not be true so see as many people as possible (speaking from personal experience).
  • Try to be prepared for different weather conditions. My graduation day was on THE hottest day of the year and let me tell you it wasn’t much fun as those gowns are heavy – if you can have a couple of options of what to wear underneath so you’re not stuck on the day!
  • Milk it. Milk the fact that you’re graduating with your family. Get them to take you out for lunch and tea and then take them to the graduation night out afterwards (FYI friends/family of graduates get in for free) Make a big deal out of it, because unless you’re coming back for further study this could be the only time that you graduate and you need to make the most of it!

I hope this has given you some handy tips for graduation day – it’s honestly a great day and nothing to stress over so make the most of it whilst you can! It’s a great excuse to come back to Sheffield (if you’ve moved away, I’m still here 11 months later after finishing) and show your family around all of your favourite spots. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends and celebrate how fab you all are for getting a degree!

Jess x

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