Looking for inspiration for my next blog I was struggling; although there is so much I could write about, I wanted it to be something specific. Then it dawned on me: what better than Varsity?

The University of Sheffield won their 5th Varsity in a row just before the Easter break. I am part of Forge (the Sheffield media society) and we covered the whole of Varsity. This was my first Varsity, so I had heard all about it but had never experienced it first hand. My first event was the Ice Hockey 2s and it was absolutely quality – despite the fact we lost 8-0, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My second and favourite event was the Basketball Mens 2s, on which I was commentating; it was an extremely close game on a very dramatic day at the EIS (English Institute of Sport). I have never commentated before but it was great fun and I didn’t think I was too bad at it, especially as I winged it after my team sheets got stolen by the coach (he had obviously forgotten his).

The same day I got to be a spectator, watching my friend play in the Volleyball Mens 1s which I really enjoyed. Supporting my University and being able to relax and enjoy the spectacle was great (although we lost this event as well…).

I also went to Abbeydale and watched the hockey; my friend was playing in the W1s and scored the goal to start the comeback and win in a very tense game. I was sent last minute to interview the captain on the radio after the game and got to see both teams in their huddles post match and I saw the levels of passion and how much Varsity meant to both sets of players.

Finally, I ran the twitter updates at the final event, the big one, Ice Hockey 1s. The atmosphere at Sheffield arena was incredible and the game was fantastic, despite losing this one as well, I know, I didn’t see many victories (maybe I’m bad luck). Varsity was my biggest highlight so far this year and I was surprised at the high level the sports were played. The atmosphere throughout the competition was great and hopefully one year I’ll take part.

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