Beans, beans, good for your heart…

… the more you eat, the more money you raise for Tearfund!

A couple of weeks ago, my housemate and I participated in something called the Mean Bean challenge. We ate only plain rice and plain beans (so baked beans weren’t allowed!) and only drank water for a week to raise money for families across the world who live in poverty. Every £10 we raised will provide teaching and resources for an entire family, providing a sustainable source of food.

It wasn’t the meals themselves that made the week a challenge; it was more the in-between times, the walking-past-the-chip-shop-covering-our-noses-so-as-not-to-be-tempted times (yes, that did happen!). The first day wasn’t so bad, the meals still being a novelty, but on day two I had a lingering headache that I think was my body going through sugar withdrawal! Day three I walked up Conduit at the pace of a snail, very ready for my lunch, but even after eating, I didn’t feel satisfied. Like a tantruming toddler, my body moaned that it was hungry and, when fed, claimed that it wasn’t hungry for rice; it was hungry for cheese or biscuits or apples or bread… Day four: the end was in sight and I wanted it to come faster. Rice and beans just didn’t keep me full. I was going to bed early, partly because I was low on energy, and partly so I didn’t get hungry before falling asleep. Finally, day five. We went to the shops, knowing that in the morning we could eat food that tasted of something, food that would be a pleasure to eat.

But we were so aware that not everyone would be able to do this. For so many people, three meals a day simply doesn’t happen, let alone a varied and enjoyable diet. So as I write this on Saturday morning, about to go and have my wonderful, nutritional, and delicious breakfast, I thank God for how privileged I am and for honouring me with the opportunity to help people across the world.

We raised an amazing £564, which means fifty-six families will be lifted out of poverty. That is mind blowing.

So I’d encourage you to look for challenges in your life, to look for the things you’re passionate about around university or in the world and do something. The potential to help is amazing!

(And if you’d like to donate to Tearfund and the amazing work they do towards ending poverty, head to their website!)

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