What I’ve learnt: a reflection from a final year student

This is it the final four weeks of university before my time as a Sheffield student is over. I tend to be quite an emotional person so my friends and family may be dealing with a lot of tears and emotions leading up to my final deadline but, wow Sheffield you’ve given me some amazing memories. I think if you look back on university and where you were before you arrived in this fine city then it really shows how much everyone has grown and found their element. In my first post I wrote about the stereotypical student and I forever stand by that point as we are all unique. But here is my reflection, my tips for students who are lucky enough to be staying here next year, as I envy you!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

So I am probably in the minority in that I get worried about the little things. And yes when it comes to working and writing essays etc. You need to take account of those things. But, when it comes to trying to enjoy uni life I’ve learnt not to worry about those little things as much and try and embrace all the chaos that may come your way.

Money money money

Student loans are crazy, as we have to pay them back, but they are there for a reason. I think it’s a given that as a student at one point or another you will have no money and in my case I have to walk back up Conduit Road to get home when I want to get the bus or can’t go on a night out. However, it shouldn’t be something to stress over. Embrace the lack of money and eating baked beans for tea several nights in a row or defrosting some unknown food in the freezer as you have nothing else.


Go and see Sheffield, experience Sheffield. Visit the Peak District, I recommend Tideswell as its 40 minutes in the bus from the station and stunning. Or just spend a day escaping with your friends to a coffee shop to ignore the impending realities of deadlines.


When it comes to finding housing there is stuff for any budget. In the case of my friends I am glad I never had to see some of their houses or pits as they should have been referred to! However, finding housing is actually fun and really easy as there are more houses than students in Sheffield. Make sure you view the place and get a feel for the area, maybe also check your trip to uni if you aren’t big on having a trek everyday!

All that extra curricular stuff

Get involved. Join a society, play a sport or volunteer as there is so much on offer! Some of my best memories have been from volunteering whilst here or going on society nights out and trips! You meet people and also it’s nice to not have to think about work and from a serious perspective looks good on your cv for when you have to think about being an adult.

Sheffield it’s been a pleasure! My student experience has been like nothing I could have asked for and now it’s time to finish and try and pass.


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