The veggie question

It’s almost my one-year anniversary of vegetarianism, and I can say for definite there’s no going back. The questioning I faced coming to uni, and still do, only strengthens my belief that meat-free is the way forward. Here are just some of the comebacks I’ve come across in the many debates I’ve had with meat-eaters over the past year.

   ‘It’s the food chain.’

No. It’s only the food chain because humans made it the food chain. I hate how we assume dominance, and assert it. Who says we have the right to eat animals? Us.

What would this world be like right now if we never changed our way of thinking? The answer is, nothing like it is right now. We’re always changing, evolving and growing, as it’s simply impossible to progress without change. We’re in the era of ‘modernity’ for a reason. Embrace it.

   ‘We’ve been eating animals for centuries.’

True, this was the means of survival, but emphasis on the word was. This just isn’t the case anymore. At all. Why should we eat animals when we can survive perfectly without?

One of the greatest aspects of the rapidly-growing social and technological movement in its regards to health and fitness is the attitude to vegetarianism and veganism. We’re all plugged in, 24/7, making it impossible to miss the endless meat-free meals and alternatives filling the Instagram stories, Snaps and Facebook videos of bloggers and other social media influencers.

It’s not just that the food looks ‘pretty’ or ‘Instagrammable’, but because it’s right, and many bloggers are tapping into this, using their influence for a worthy cause, and it’s spreading.

   ‘My entire family eats meat.’

Who says you must be exactly like your family in every way? The only person dictating your diet is you. Uni is the perfect time to start eating what you want, and making the choices to suit you.

The above statement applies to me, and I use it as even more of a reason to be vegetarian, rather than as an excuse not to be.

Many people seem to think all vegetarians want to do is tell others how to eat. I’m not saying this is the right thing for you, I’m just simply putting forward my own persuasive argument. This is merely my opinion, and every animal is entitled to a voice, right?

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