“Only for the brave…or maybe just not for us!”

I like my comfort zone. Some may call me boring for that fact however I prefer to say I know what I like. The point is in my final month at university (ignoring how scary that is!) I decided to yes to a few more things I haven’t done whilst at university and I encourage everyone to. Even if you don’t enjoy it is an experience in itself and now uni is coming to an end I really wish I had truly embraced certain things before.

Going to Corp on a Saturday isn’t what I would usually class as a good night out. But it was a friends 21st and having spent all of Easter in the library trying to write my dissertation I needed a break. First of all I know a lot of third years went away over Easter, but I was not one of them I managed a few treasured says at home constantly thinking about the impending dissertation deadline. Somehow everything I do seems to revert back to the dreaded work I have so for this blog I am going to ignore that fact! Corp on a Saturday was certainly an experience and one that I wouldn’t necessarily repeat, however it was still good fun. I was with new and old friends, we had a few drinks and for a night we forgot that in a few days time we had to go back to uni and had deadlines. I wouldn’t recommend going unless you like rock and metal music, however just for a laugh it’s a decent night out. I think Corporation for the school disco is a Sheffield student right of passage but why not embrace a night when the toilets aren’t flooded up to your ankles and you can actually reach the bar! What’s more is if you don’t usually like some of the music they play then you really can go for it when you finally hear a song you actually recognise!

So for one night I went beyond my comfort zone. Unfortunately, we cannot be students forever. Living carelessly, making good friends with our overdraft. We have to become actual adults, which supposedly we became when we moved out. So I say we should all do something we wouldn’t usually, that might even mean doing work! So I say enjoy! Here is to the final term and here is to it nearly being summer! And here is to me never venturing into Corp metal night again!

Please remember to drink responsibly.

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