Living in a student village – a reflection of my year in Endcliffe

Before moving to University, I was most excited about meeting new people, and in particular, meeting my flatmates. Being surrounded by a whole new set of people when first starting uni can be overwhelming, and it may take a few weeks to find friends or course mates who you enjoy spending time with. That is why it is amazing to have flatmates who you will meet on the first day and spend the rest of the year being close to.

It is strange to think that the people I was randomly thrown together with at the start of the year are now some of my closest friends! There is a definite sense of family in our little flat, and it felt that way from the very first day back in September. Whether it is having a flat night in watching a film, going on a night out, making a Sunday roast together, or even just having a cup of tea after a long day at uni, it is lovely to have a base to touch down.

Beyond the flat there is a genuine community feel as well. In my accommodation block (shout out to Crescent Flats) I have met so many people who have made my first year at uni so much fun. I know that next year I will really miss Endcliffe, and I can safely say I am very jealous of all the freshers starting in September who have such a great time ahead of them!

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