First year reflections

With just under a month left of university and only exams to go it’s safe to say this year has been fantastic.

I’ve really enjoyed my course, meeting new people and joining new societies. Coming back to Sheffield and restarting university was a big decision but I’m glad it’s paid off and I don’t regret it at all. I have also found blogging really enjoyable and it’s a great way of keeping memories.

The first semester I spent most of my days, well every day, playing football. The season ended abruptly when I ruined my ankle which put me out for the rest of the year and the foreseeable future. I am a sport fanatic and although I’m not the best footballer it’s something I really enjoy, so not being able to play for the second half of the year has sucked, not just because I miss playing but I also the fact I played for various teams and found it’s such a great way of socialising.

However, that being said, it pushed me to join Forge so I could report on sport, which is something I’m very glad I did. Forge has given me lots of great opportunities and opened my eyes to the sort of career I want to go into. I’ve reported on Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Steelers and also Varsity, which was easily the highlight of my year and a great event to be a part of with Forge. The atmosphere and standard of the sport being played was beyond what I expected.

Overall this year has been a lot of what I expected and more. I find the course challenging but rewarding. I am not the most academic and found all the essays extremely difficult however I surprised myself in the marks I got in my practical work which gives me hope for the future.  One of my modules was reporting in an area of Sheffield. I found this really fun and insightful as I got to see more of Sheffield, learn about it as a city as well as meeting various local people.

I have also met a great bunch of people from my course. Most of them are part of Forge, we all love football and have a lot of common interests. My biggest concern about coming back to uni was about being older than most of my fellow students however I’ve not found it to be a problem.

I’m excited for second year and to get out of halls. The course looks more practical for next year and the modules seem much more interesting, I’m looking forward to some new challenges and experiences. I have also been accepted to go and study in Madrid in my second semester which is extremely exciting, I can’t wait for 5 aside football in 30 degree heat, improving my Spanish and travelling the country. Now I just need to choose which football team to support, Atletico, Real or the less well known Rayo Vallecano.

But first I have the whole holidays to enjoy.*

*I’m also off to Chile where I spent my gap year to visit the friends I made out there. I’ll be posting a blog about my trip so stay tuned for that.

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