Second year recap

Exam season may feel like the wrong time to reflect on your academic year but taking a break from revision to write down the goods and not-so-goods of the year can be therapeutic. It could even prove useful in helping you figure out what you’d like to keep or stop doing next year. I decided to divide my list into two parts. Things I wish I had done differently and the things I am really glad I did.

What I would have done differently

  • A 50-70 credit split is not great but sometimes it is unavoidable because you would rather do some modules over others. I am happy with my modules but I wish I had at least tried some other ones during the Add/Drop period because my spring exams are now worth 90 credits in total. That has brought on a bit more pressure than usual.
  • Not doing a substantial amount work for all my modules as the semester went along. This somewhat follows on from the last point. When you have five modules to focus on during one semester, it is very tempting to zero in on three that you really like and the others suffer for it. We all know playing catch-up sucks.


  • I started as a member of the Pearson Student Advisory Board in September. Apart from the work I get to do on the board, the single most awesome thing about the job is that I got a wonderful mentor. It never felt like a very formal relationship from the onset. We genuinely got along. She gave me detailed feedback on the first draft of my placement application form and my pre-prepared presentation (yes, I got the placement). She’s also given me some invaluable advice about life in general.
  • I went home for Christmas! I started here in September 2015 and hadn’t been home since then. I finally went in December 2016 and I had 3 beautiful weeks of hanging out with my family and friends. I ended up doing little to no revision for my one exam but thankfully I had planned to get back early enough to do revision here.
  • I joined a student society. Apart from the African and Caribbean society, I haven’t been able to find a society I was interested in joining – or maybe I have just been lazy. I do wish I had run for a committee position but I’m going away for a year-long placement so that will have to wait till next year.

 Overall, I think it’s been a nice second year. I hope I still feel this way after spring exams.

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