Surviving exams 

The exam period is a stressful time. However, from my experience of taking university exams I have found some tips which have helped me to stay sane through the exam period. In this blog post, I will share some of my favourite apps that I use to help me revise and also some tips for revision breaks and taking care of yourself. 

The first app that I could not live without during the revision period is ‘focus keeper’. I definitely find it hard to get the balance right between revision and taking breaks and this exam does it all for you! The idea is that you work for twenty-five minutes and then take a break for five minutes. After four focus sessions of twenty-five minutes, you are rewarded with a twenty- five minute break. I found that this app helped me to avoid either working for too long without taking a break whilst at the same time ensuring that my breaks do not end up being longer than the amount of time I spend revising!

I have also found ‘Quizlet’ to be an amazing app for revision. I used it for A Level German but had forgotten about it during my time at university. Although my course, history, does not lend itself to learning facts, I still found Quizlet useful for learning historian’s arguments. If your course was even more fact based than mine, I think you would love Quizlet. The app focuses on the ones that you get wrong in order to ensure that you are able to learn even the ones that you struggle with.

As well as revision, it is important to make sure that you are taking some time out for yourself. For me, I particularly enjoyed going to the gym and just plugging my headphones in and thinking about anything other than revision. This was good in terms of ensuring that I did not get too stressed out as I was able to have time to myself. Being in Sheffield, we are blessed with many scenic walking routes and taking time out to go for a walk was also a way that I used to relax during the revision period. I hope you have found these tips helpful and good luck for the rest of your exams!

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