Things to definitely not do when trying to revise

Term is slowly yet surely coming to an end and if you’re like me, who has still not sat any exams yet, it’s becoming a struggle to concentrate on revision. The weather has been unusually hot, friends from home had their exams weeks ago, and the temptation to just ditch everything and go home is all too real. But NO. The days until the freedom of summer can nearly be counted down on one hand. Just one more week to stay focused and in order to do that, here is a list of things you should definitely not do when trying to get some hours of revision in. A list of things which I have done a number of times in order to perfect the art of procrastination.

DO NOT arrange a group revision session in the pub. Personally, group revision sessions of any kind seem to be terrible for me, as it’s all too easy to go off topic when surrounded by your friends. And in the pub—anything where there’s alcohol is just all too tempting. Find one of those Incredibly Rare seats in the IC or Diamond or even just stay at home with your door closed because really, the only productive work you can do has to be done alone.

DO NOT go on Buzzfeed. Just one more quiz, I say, I need to find out what kind of potato I am. Before you know it, just one quiz has turned into literally three hundred and you’ve spent the last two hours doing absolutely nothing and your exam is tomorrow. DO NOT fall down that rabbit-hole. It’s really, really difficult to get out of a web of which Parks and Recreation character are you quizzes.

In fact, just stay away from the Internet. The only thing you could possibly kid yourself into thinking is useful is STARPlus. It’s all well and good reading an article on the use of conceits in contemporary poetry but seeing an open YouTube tab is a distraction that you just don’t need.

DO NOT start a new series on Netflix. This is a killer during exam season. Watching the whole of Gossip Girl from the beginning sounds like an amazing idea in theory, but not when you care more about the lives of fictional characters than you do in keeping up your steady 2:1. Keep that for when exams are over and you probably won’t regret it.

Good luck!

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