A beautiful panorama of Sheffield spread out on top of the sky

Sheffield is profoundly famous as the greenest city in England. As a frequent walker enjoying wandering around the Peak District, I am fascinated by the vibrant cluster of architecture and natural landscape from above.

I am luckily enough to take a ride on a private plane during weekends with my friend as he has just completed a Private Pilot Instruction course.

He is doing Aerospace Engineering at our university with a Flight Training module. The module features 5 hours flying time at the Sheffield Aero Club. Students can proceed to a full instruction course to obtain a National or European Private Pilot License with an additional one-off cost.

Sheffield Aero Club is located in Netherthorpe Airfield, Thorpe Salvin, near Worksop. We took a train to Shireoaks and walked about 20 minutes to reach the airfield.


Walking pass Thorpe Lane during the 20 minutes walk to the airfield


Welcome to Netherthorpe Airfield

I was a bit nervous to experience the take off as it was a windy day. To my surprise, the take off was less shaky than I thought.


The cockpit – two people seat in the front of the aircraft

The following photos are taken on the plane. I find it really fascinating. And, I hope you will enjoy seeing them.


M1 Highway – the only highway connecting Sheffield

IMG 9414 1

The highway looks like a snake

IMG 9416

A cluster of houses surrounded by massive green fields


The reflection of the city on the wing

IMG 9442 1

Information Common, Art Tower, the Diamond and the University’s roundabout

And finally,


Panorama of Sheffield

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