National societies are the bridge between home students and international students

International cultural evening, world food festivals… These events are the showcase of different cultures by students from different countries.

Most of these events are coordinated by International Students Committee which represents the welfare of international students and organises activities that promote and celebrate international culture.

The committee has a representative for all seven regions of the world and coordinates international students’ issues and cultural activities with other national societies in the region.

In our students’ union, more than 50 national societies are categorised as cultural and national societies where students from the same country of origin come together, have some social events, and promote their culture.

These societies also help freshers with an international background to integrate into university’s life and address language barrier.

I am coming from Hong Kong and my mother language is Cantonese. I often feel relief when I hang out with friends from the same country as I don’t have to think too much when expressing myself.

For students from Hong Kong, there are two national societies: Hong Kong society and Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services society (HKPASS).

The main differences between the two is Hong Kong society focuses on cultural and entertainment activities while HKPASS focuses on political discussion and social contribution.

As part of the HKPASS, we encourage Hong Kong students to participate in political debates and volunteer work so that students can know more about their society, the relationship between England and Hong Kong and how they can apply their knowledge obtained from the university to the societies.

To further enrich students’ global vision and explore the relationship between Hong Kong, England and the rest of the world, the HKPASS committee published a magazine called ‘The Alternatives’ to bring out an in-depth view of Hong Kong.

With the support of students union, we were granted a New Ideas Fund to support the printing cost of the magazine.

We believe integration between our home country and the world is the key to sustain an international community.

Know more about our magazine by going to our Facebook page:


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