How to improve your CV over the summer

Make some plans

What do you actually want to do with your life? It’s a scary question, but there’s no use in avoiding it – the answer isn’t going to appear to you in a flash of light, it’s more likely to come after some careful thinking and examination. What do I actually want to do? What do I like to do? What can I see myself doing for the rest of my life? The summer is the perfect time to consider these questions, free from the stress of university. Once you have a vague idea of some answers, you can start to shape your activities about what will look good on your CV in the future.

Find an internship

If you think you know what you want to do, it can be really useful to find a relevant internship in the field. This is very competitive, so it’s good to polish your CV as much as possible and apply early – stress what you can bring to the company as an intern to make them want to hire you! Even though it might be unpaid, this would be a great way to spend summer, as it will definitely be worth it.

Find a job

If you can’t find an internship – find a job! The more relevant to your career aspirations, the better – but don’t stress too much over finding the perfect job. Almost anything carries transferable skills of time management, teamwork and so on, which are all attributes you can bring up in interviews later on. It’s also a good way to earn money over the summer.


Although you can’t earn money through volunteering, this is still a great way to develop those transferable skills and gain experience in certain areas. There are so many ways to volunteer – whether you want to work with children, animals, the elderly, people with special needs, refugees or the unemployed, there’s bound to be something you’re interested in!

Learn a language

If you don’t fancy having many obligations this summer and just want to relax, try learning a language! It will stand out on your CV and show a desire for personal development, as well as potentially being very useful in the future. And it doesn’t have to be a boring slog – with the arrival of apps like Duolingo and Memrise, you can learn a fair amount without even realising!

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