A year on from graduation

It’s almost a year since I graduated from my degree in English Language and Linguistics.  It feels like just yesterday I was holding my degree in my hand and I remember it feeling like such a strange concept.  That piece of paper represented my three hard working years at Sheffield (with a few trips to Corp in between) and there really is no way to describe what that feels like, which isn’t very good for an English Language graduate, is it?!  I’m now waiting for the Facebook Memories to bring out the pictures in a few days, featuring the many attempts of my friends and I trying to throw our grad caps successfully into the air.

My last post for the ‘We are Sheffield Students’ blog was back in January, when I wrote about ‘PR in the Steel City’ and my experiences of being a PR intern.  I learnt a lot in that one week of work experience with HR Media and I knew that I wanted to work in Public Relations.  After January though, things weren’t so smooth sailing for me, I was really struggling to find a job and to meet the job requirements of having a year’s experience in PR.  My laptop’s desktop was full of CVs and cover letters for so many different agencies but I kept on getting knocked back after having at least three or four different interviews.  I can’t deny that it was pretty difficult and of course a lot of graduates are in the same boat but there was nothing worse than seeing people you knew updating their employee status on LinkedIn or Facebook.  I hit a lot of walls and needed help getting over them but my parents were incredibly supportive with me and my mum was always looking up PR jobs online.

Fast forward to the end of May, I received an email from an agency I applied to back in February and at the time I was told my CV would be kept on file.  People often believe this is just a general statement companies use when you’ve not been successful.  I would usually agree with those people but on this occasion, I was more than shocked to find I’d been contacted by that same company asking if I was still looking for a job.  I went in for an interview and 5 days later I was offered the job.  I’d previously been so used to the “you’ve not been successful” emails that I scanned the email to look for the rejection but I found none! Tears were shed and smiles were had that night, without a doubt a “pinch me” moment.

We’re now in July and I’ve been a Junior Account Executive for nearly 2 months and I’m so curious to learn more about the PR industry.  My office is only a 20 minute drive from my house as well, so I feel really lucky that I don’t have a huge commute to go with my first grad job.  I guess the moral of the story is to not lose faith when your CV is kept on file.

I hope everyone has an amazing grad week and if you’re still completing your degree, don’t wish it away because you’ll regret it.  Savour every last drop of that blue pint or even those amazing burgers in The Harley that I miss so much!

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