Student summer hack

Summer on a student budget can seem tricky. It’s that feeling of wanting to spend money that you probably don’t have, or should either save. But this summer I started to realise that you can use what’s already in front of you, and still have a great break.

Going to uni made me realise that I hadn’t even begun to explore my home city. It had been over ten years since I’d visited Norwich cathedral (the last time being on a school trip). So I started to research my own city (a weird experience when you consider this place ‘home’, having lived here for 18 years), and discovered a lot.

I found that Norwich cathedral’s spire is the second tallest in England. I’ve already ended up visiting a few times with friends to take photos and walk around its entirety.

Also, Googling ‘Things to do’ in your home town is interesting, as you may find that there are some tourist spots which, as a resident, you’ve never visited. I discovered the prettiest medieval, cobbled lane; it came as no surprise that Elm Hill (pictured) is an in demand film location. Many of my home friends were the same in not realising this was here, and loved it when they went to see it.

Having been away for first year, the city has also changed a lot in that time, with new restaurants and cafes always popping up. The hotspots to hang out had changed, with niche restaurants including a rooftop gardens and an entirely vegan eatery. Even Sundaes Gelato, although not so niche, had made its way into Norwich.

So if you’re looking for something to do this summer, minus the expenses of travel by rail or plane, spend the day exploring your home town. You’ll probably find there’s a lot more to do on your doorstep than you first thought.

Another great option for summer is to visit friends from uni. You’ve probably made friends from a collection of places all over the country, or even beyond. This is a great way to have a break from home and save money by staying with friends, who also double up as personal tour guides. Plus, you can return the favour by showing them your home town. This way you get to see your uni friends over the long break and visit somewhere new, all on a student budget.

Enjoy summer!

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